August 27, 2007

Dear Friends,

Dr. Wilson is back in town and just called to give me her complete report on Devo. She said it is a 90% certainty it is cancer. Since she was gone the last half of last week, on Friday, I had my regular vet draw blood and send it to the special lab in Phoenix to test specifically for Valley Fever. I figured a couple days head start IF it is Valley fever would be worth the $125.00. Results won’t be in until the end of this week.
>>Results of this test were negative<<

In the meantime, details about his cancer. The cells were carcinoma in the way they displayed. What that means is; it is cancer that develops in the tissue lining of his organs. No tumors to biopsy, nothing to go in and remove. It could be originating in any of his organs. I’m sure that is why it’s been so hard to diagnose. Unfortunately, it is a death sentence. We will do our best to fight this via non-traditional methods; homeopathy/naturopathic, energy healing, whatever makes sense and doesn’t make him more miserable. Dr. Wilson is very articulate and a realist. She cannot recommend chemo, because is just doesn’t have a track record for curing this type of cancer. I appreciate her candor.

He is still strong enough to take a trip to the groomers at Scrub-a-pup today. He loves the girls there. They fussed over him and were very gentle and caring. Wanted to get him cleaned and trimmed up for the tough weeks that follow. They were also a good source for a holistic vet across the sound in Poulsbo.

Here we go, wish us luck. Will keep you all informed of his progress.

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