The Idaho pack

What a great group this was. Norm was getting on in years when the pack was formed. He was a mellow little guy who was quickly accepted into our pack. Devo used to borrow Norm's doggy door to raid Neighbor Jim's house for any article of clothing that wasn't nailed down. To see him trotting proudly accross the field from Jim's with a face full of socks was priceless. Norm passed on around 2002. The next year, Jim came home with Lucy.

Lucy brought a completely new dynamic to the pack. She was incredibly energetic and had a mind of her own. Lucy and Devo were to become the best play buddys ever. Devo finally found someone to match his obsession with play. Cosmo was too mellow and too old to keep up with them, but seemed to enjoy being around their energy and spirit. Lucy kept Devo in great shape by ALWAYS wanting to play chase and fetch. Cosmo and Tasha would need to be exercised separately because the two maniacs would never let them get the ball.

Tasha came to us when we rescued her in 1999. She needed a place to live out the rest of her life and we were glad to give this sweet dog a home. Part Rottweiler and part Australian Shepard, she was a big girl who looked like a Rotty, but had the fur of a wooly mammoth. We had her shaved down for the hot summers then she looked exactly like a Rotty. She was just so happy to be part of a balanced pack, she thrived until 2002 when an overdose of wild mushrooms did her in (she would eat ANYTHING, even the moles she would root out of the yard). We were all sad to see her go.

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