The soft side

After Devo was about a year and a half old, he began to appreciate a good long snuggle on the couch or the bed. It was very interesting how he would shut down his nuclear reactor and climb (never jump) on the couch, lay his head on your lap and go to sleep. Pack members were always willing targets, but he had a few favorite visitors he would seek out, even if he only saw them once a year or so. Michael, Glenn, BA, Grambo (Andi's Mom) or my brother Chip would only have to sit down in his presence and soon there would be a golden heating pad on their lap.

From 2000 to 2002 I would travel quite a bit and be gone for weeks at a time. Devo would take my place in bed with Andi. No invitation was ever offered or needed, he just sensed that this was his duty when his alpha was gone. He would sleep with his head on the pillow, just like a human. During the night, he would yip and yelp as visions of chasing squirrels and golf balls danced through his head. Good thing Andi is a sound sleeper. When I came home, he was happy to take his normal spot out with Cosmo in the living room, snuggling with her.

On weekend mornings, Neighbor Jim would be up early, which meant that Lucy was up too. She would run over to our house, jump up on the living room window with her front paws and stare in looking for Devo. Of course this would alert Devo that another day of play was about to begin. After pleading with me at the side of our bed, I’d get up, let him out and off they would run, full blast over to Neighbor Jim's. There he would play chase with Lucy, bark at Jim to throw the ball and munch on chewies while enjoying their perfect Idaho weekend morning.

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