August 15, 2007

Dear Friends,

We got the ultrasound moved up to last night. A first class radiology clinic only 5 miles from the house. Dr. Kramer (excellent) spent 45 minutes looking at every internal organ belonging to Devo, and then some. I was there the whole time, amazed at the pictures on the screen. Dr. Kramer said he makes at least 3 people cry per week, but what he has to say about Devo bothers him the most. He just didn't see anything that could be directly linked to Devo's condition. No tumor or lesion was evident. What he could do is rule out heart disease & pneumonia (happy about stopping the antibiotics, it was distressing his GI). The source of the fluid on his chest and abdomen is still a mystery. However, there is still the possibility of cancer.

I won't go into the myriad of possible next steps (mind boggling, I'm still processing everything). The immediate goal for me is to get a second opinion. Dr. Kramer actually suggested this and I agree. In the meantime a couple of mild drugs will be prescribed to mitigate the symptoms. So far I’m pleased with the vet team of our regular vet Dr. Earls and Dr. Kramer. Another specialist’s opinion is needed, but I don’t know who that will be yet. No unnecessary tests or procedures have been done and they always have Devo’s best interest in mind, plus the costs. I have also been researching alternative approaches.

Sorry for the dour tone of my first email. The sobering news was like getting hit in the head with a phone book. I'm approaching this more clinically now, with the idea that Devo and I have a mountain to climb and we just need to find the right route to the summit. He clings to me more that ever, but I’m sure it’s because of my doting over him. The days of chasing the ball and swimming are over for now. Short controlled walks seem to make him just as happy.

Devo got his belly and sides shaved yesterday (for the ultrasound). He is quite the sight!!

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