August 9, 2007

Dear Friends,

I have to let you know, Devo is sick. He has had an occasional odd cough for a few months, but showed no other signs of being ill. Last week we noticed that his breathing was labored and he was panting more than normal. Took him to the vet on Monday. She doesn't know exactly what is wrong. Needs more tests. There is fluid on his chest and his abdomen contracts when he breaths (way more rapidly than normal). Xrays, blood test, poking and prodding yielded two possibilities: heart disease or cancer. There was not cancer detected in the fluid test and his blood tests were close to normal (but not perfect). Devo is scheduled for an ultra sound next Thursday to verify a spot on the xray near his liver. A tumor is suspected. He is on antibiotics for possible pneumonia.

He is still his happy, gentle self, but I can tell he is sick. Please say a prayer for him. I'll let you all know what the ultra sound turns up. He is far to young to leave us. Please don’t call. I’m having a hard time dealing with this and would prefer to report his progress this way. Sorry, nothing personal.

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