Cosmo's story

1991-2006 > It's important to make an early mention of Devo's companion Cosmo. She was our anchor dog. Her life spanned the last half of Sunny’s and most of Devo’s. She was the easiest dog we’ve ever had; mellow, obedient, extremely intelligent and friendly to all humans. She actually came from the factory that way! We loved to refer to her as our “loaner Golden”, because she would go with anybody and be their dog for the day or week.

Cosmo and puppy Devo. He bedeviled Cosmo when he was a pup.
In a years time, they would be completely devoted to each other.

She was our best swimmer and retriever ever. She would swim out on command and retrieve a wayward dummy that Sunny or another dog would leave behind, then respond to my hand commands for directions to where it was floating off to. All this was strictly by instinct, I never trained her to do that. No other dog (Lab, Chessie or Golden), in all the years we took her swimming to dog parks, lakes and rivers, would EVER swim faster or more efficiently than Cosmo. Cosmo and I attended Kathy Lang’s advanced obedience training with the goal of earning her utility dog cert, but Cosmo got frustrated with me because I didn't devote enough time and was too inconsistent with the techniques. She could have easily done it.

Cosmo 8 years old

I can’t thank her enough for setting a perfect example for her head strong PaPa dog Sunny and the devil dog puppy Devo. Because of her steady influence, Sunny could spend an hour walking with us OFF LEASH on city streets. Could not imagine such a thing could ever be possible. Cosmo anchored this effort just like she made it possible for Devo to become the perfect companion dog. He had such a great example.

They were so good together. What a pair!


retriever said...

Devo has been a butifull, my golden Uriiel is always in my memory for ever, best regard from Belgium

The Bumpass Hounds said...

Devo will always be with you. A bit of him stayed in your heart and soul.

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