Devo & Dad's excellent adventure - Seattle to Phoenix, Dec. 2006

We try to spend as much time in Phoenix as possible during the winter months. However, there were always two problems with taking the dog(s): Devo did not travel well in the car and it was just way too scary to put our beloved fur babies in the care of the airlines who treated them like baggage. So I decided to drive down to Phoenix with Devo. Andi would fly down and back over the Christmas break. PaPa (my Dad) was not getting any younger and he had not seen his good pal Devo in 3 years. Devo has always gotten motion sick when traveling in a vehicle. We prepared him by going for short trips and occasional day trips during the two months leading up to our departure. Ultimately, we only had one "car sick" incident the 2 months we were on the road. This was amazing considering his history of discomfort. No drugs, just careful planning of his meals, many stops for exercise and a lot of reassurance as we drove.

We got to visit many old friends that welcomed Devo and I with open arms. Bringing a dog along when you visit can be awkward to say the least, but Devo was the perfect gentleman at all times. His sense of exactly what to do and when endeared him to everyone who made his acquaintance. As he quickly became comfortable in someone’s home, he would perform his “happy dance” for them. Happy Dance = wiggling around on his back with his feet in the air groaning with pleasure, usually with a toy or a pilfered article of clothing (shoes, socks, underwear etc.) in his mouth. That show of uninhibited happiness warmed the heart of even the most “dog neutral” member of the audience.

Devo on "his" rock. Oak Creek, Sedona, AZ

We took many pictures during the Arizona trip. It was hard to pick just two to represent our time together, but the day trip to Sedona to visit Bob and Robin supplied a beautiful back drop, representing all that was pleasurable during our excellent adventure. Not even Devo stepping in a gopher hole while chasing the ball could put a damper on our fun (he limped around the rest of the day, but recovered quickly).

We had a wonderful 2 month vacation from the winter gloom in Seattle and would like to thank all of our hosts and friends (in order of our visit): Don, June and the girls, MeMe and PaPa (we stayed with them pretty much the whole time we were in Phoenix), Jim and Terri, Bob and Robin, all Devo’s friends at the local Bashas, Skip and Merna, Don, Lyn and Tippy and the Shilo Inn, Medford, OR. Everyone was so kind and understanding. Thank you.

PS - Sept.08: I've come to the realization that this was the ultimate gift for Devo and I; to be able to spend this time together (just the two of us) less than a year before he died. I am truly grateful.

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