The Beginning

Devo was born in Spokane (May 22, 1997), bred from excellent stock: Brittania Late-Breaking News (Breaker) and Brittania Radical Rebel (Topaz). The breeder is a Vet who raises and shows Goldens. We took him home when he was 6 weeks old and he puked in the car on the way (already a poor passenger). Like most puppies, he was an energetic, naughty little boy who refused to piddle outside for the first 4 months of his life. Early on I putted a golf ball across the carpet and off he scampered to retrieve it. It was the beginning of his life long love affair with golf balls and retrieving. He considered fetching up any golf ball I hit "his job" and took it very seriously.  Devo was short in stature for a male Golden (we called him "sawed off"). He was strong and fast, and had that sweet, gentle Golden personality. As gentle as he was, his enthusiasm for play would bowl over little kids the first maniacal 3 years of his life. When Morgan was a little girl he plowed into her during a game of fetch; it is the only time I've ever seen her cry. Poor kid, it was like getting hit by a goofy, Golden, cannon ball.

The rest of Devo's story follows in no particular order, however the details of his fight with cancer are at the end. 


John Gray jgsheffield@hotmail.com said...

a lovely photo to keep and cherish

CJ/Rick said...

That is a great photo. This is a great journal full of gret photos. Thanks for sharing.

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